Pros and Cons of Exercising in a Group

In our current society, many people are exercising in a group. These days it is not unusual for large groups of people to hit the gym or run in a neighborhood park. Many people see the benefits of exercising in a group as outweighing the disadvantages. One thing that must be taken into consideration before deciding to exercise in a group is the nature of the exercise itself. It is best if the exercise is something that can be done individually.


The ability to exercise in a control group has some definite advantages. First of all the interaction with the other participants adds to the fun and enjoyment of exercising. The fact that no one was discouraged from interacting at different points in the exercises contributed to this positive, entertaining group dynamic.

For these reasons, many experts have recommended that younger, healthier individuals are exercising alone when starting an exercise routine. This is because it is much easier to judge the amount of distance covered by the various physical activities one is involved in. Plus, with older adults, the increased level of social interaction and support can also help to promote better health. This is especially true for older adults, who may be more susceptible to feeling self-conscious about their bodies or disabilities. For these reasons, it is often suggested that anyone starting a physical activity program include some sort of group setting.


Another advantage is the increased personal accountability. It is very easy to see when one another is struggling to follow the instructor‘s instructions. This is because the individual participants are the ones wearing the tracksuits and are actually exercising with their own fitness equipment. If there is an actual instructor present, they can be very easily instructed by one another in an audible voice so as to get everyone accountable.

exercising in group


Group exercise classes provide a number of advantages. One of the largest is the increased encouragement that comes from having your friends (and sometimes even family members) behind you. When going to a class, you not only have one instructor to focus on your individual needs but also someone to discuss healthy living with. You will also be introduced to new social and environmental situations. This can help increase the amount of social interaction you have while exercising, which can lead to improved cardiovascular fitness overall.

Learning from others

Another advantage of a group exercise class is the ability to learn from others. There are a lot of great ways that people can learn how to exercise and stay fit. While dancing is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, there are other great ways to do so as well. Some examples of other ways to learn how to exercise and stay fit are by taking a dance class, joining a gym, reading up on ways to stay fit, and joining a fitness-oriented club. Regardless of whether you choose to exercise in a class setting or not, there are significant health benefits associated with exercising in a group. These benefits include the ability to share information, improve social interaction, and increase cardiovascular fitness overall.

exercising in group


On the other hand, there are some definite disadvantages to exercising in a group exercise. The first disadvantage is that there is no one supervising the participant(s). For those who are new to exercise, it can be very easy to just let one another take part and not pay attention to any potential mistakes or omissions. Also, it is quite easy to make your own mistakes and keep from getting the proper physical benefits from your exercise sessions.

The next disadvantage to exercising in a group environment is the increased stress on the body. There are several reasons why this may occur. First, people may feel more pressured since there are more people taking part. In addition, everyone is working toward the same goal. This causes them to push each other harder and to try harder. They will also exercise harder for the purpose of covering more distance than they could on their own.

To sum up

This article can help you decide if group exercising is for you or not. Check out these tips and choose the right activity for you.