Why Do Surfers Have Great Bodies

In case you’ve been looking for something new to exercise and not depend on the gym entirely, you should consider surfing. It has a lot of health benefits, among them being getting a lean and fit body. This lean and healthy body is a result of proper nutrition and daily exercising. Below are some reasons why surfers have great bodies?

1. Proper nutrition

Surfers usually have lean, fit, and healthy bodies due to proper nutrition. Additionally, they also stay hydrated so that they can have the next sessions easily.

Proper nutrition has a significant impact on surfing elements such as mood, endurance, ability, and energy levels. Some of the foods that surfers normally eat include fruits and vegetables, snacks, green proteins, and staying hydrated.

2. Move and exercise

In addition to the surf training program provided to ensure you feel stronger, you need to suffer longer and paddle stronger. However, some exercises can be done on your own. Some of the top movements that make surfers gain great bodies include:


– Push-ups- most people tend to underrate these exercises although they’ve got a great impact on the upper arm strength for fast paddling and change of direction.

– Planks- these exercises usually fire up the core muscles and replicate the pop-up motion when you’re surfing. Planks also add extra strength.

– Hip flexibility- practicing the pigeon pose daily makes your hips flexible and mobile.

– Cardio exercises- surfers usually perform regular Cardio exercises such as swimming, jogging cycling, or paddling. For more useful reference about these exercises, visit our website.

3. Mindset


Today, surfing is more than just a sport. It has become a lifestyle for many. It helps in building character to attain a positive way of life. It also makes the body strong, especially when tackling waves in the water.

In conclusion, these are some reasons why surfers get great bodies. Getting a surfer’s body isn’t just about taking a proper diet and working out, but also a state of confidence and energy availability.