What Is The Healthiest Distance To Run

By | November 7, 2019

It is common reasoning among people that running for much longer distances will have a more positive effect on your cardiovascular system. People figure out that if the short run has immense health benefits, then running for longer distances will have even more health gains.

With much newer studies suggesting that running for much longer distances will work against you over time, there is a need to establish what is the right distance to run.

This is the optimal distance that will allow you to have moderate exercise with immense health benefits to your body.

A Healthy Distance to Run

The key to all beneficial workouts is moderation, whereas the body is allowed to reap such benefits without being unnecessarily being overworked. For optimal health benefits, one could run about 15 to 20 miles in a week. This is a moderate exercise that will see a person gain in terms of improved longevity over time.


Trying to run longer distances like what athletes do will work against you. You will achieve your wish to run for a longer distance, but you will lose the ability to enhance your longevity. It is better to engage in shorter and more intense workouts, see here on irishtimes.com

Evidence suggests that running for longer distances could result in unhealthy side effects, such as digestive issues and lowered immune function. This is not something you want to achieve in your running, and it is wise to keep the distance at a minimum for great benefits.



The common misconception that running for a long distance will have significant benefits to your health is wrong. It will indeed work against you as your health suffers from being subjected to such an intense environment.It is best to keep your distance short, as explained above, and you will be sure to reap enormous health benefits in the long run.