Is Boxing for Women?

Boxing for women is gaining a lot of popularity, especially in the United States. The sport is about the economy and strength of motion, something that becomes more difficult the heavier you are. In addition to some heavyweight athletes, women’s boxers, both male and female are fit, agile, and toned. Boxers can rely on their strength to punch bags packed with dumbbells and plates that are heavier than they are, literally, because they are trained to deal with the stress of punching so hard. Despite the advantages and disadvantages of boxing for women, there has been proof that women do benefit from the sport.

Cardio workout

The biggest advantage of boxing is that it offers a solid cardio workout. Although this is not a cardio workout like what your typical gym offers boxing is still an intense exercise. It requires a tremendous amount of energy and stamina just from swinging a heavy bag. As a result, your body burns calories while at the same time building muscles. The muscles you build while in the ring improve the way you handle stress and reduce your fat-burning potential.

Core muscles

Another great thing about boxing workouts for women is that they focus on building your core muscles. Your core muscles are your abs, oblique muscles, back, and abdominals. These muscles help you with balance and with maintaining a stable posture. Without these core muscles, your entire body will be stiff and unstable, leading to injuries, poor form, and an overall lack of workout benefits.

There are a few disadvantages to boxing, especially when compared to other exercises. First, the punches you get in will hurt, regardless of whether you wear boxing gloves or not. This is one of the main reasons women tend to use lighter bags than men. They can get hurt easier and more easily with heavy bags. The other reason is the stress on your joints from swinging around a bag all day without any form of exercise.

woman boxing

Works entire body

Boxing for women is a great form of exercise because it works your entire body. This means you will be working out your entire range of motion as well as your core muscles. The workouts you get from boxing will help improve your physical well-being while also boosting your mental health. You spend so much time physically in training, it helps you stay mentally fit. One of the best ways to stay mentally fit during your boxing workouts is to train with a good coach. A trainer will help you increase your agility, endurance, strength, and coordination through a good overall workout program.

There are three basic parts to boxing, striking, footwork, and bodywork. Striking is the most important part of boxing, but footwork is just as important. Practicing proper striking techniques will increase your physical strength considerably. Footwork drills include generating power with your feet, pivoting, jumping, and shifting your weight from side to side. These drills help develop your upper and lower body strength.

Bodywork includes things like jumping, hopping, and throwing punches. These are used to build aerobic and anaerobic capabilities. Another type of bodywork that is used in boxing workouts is flexibility training. This is a very important aspect of boxing. If you can’t move well then you won’t be able to punch accurately.


As you can see, boxing for women is a great workout option for building strong physical strength, improving coordination, and boosting your mind. It is a sport that also promotes self-defense skills. If you want to have a fun time exercising and boosting your self-defense skills at the same time, this workout option is perfect for you.