What Factors Affect Athletic Performance?

As an athlete, there are many factors that can affect your performance. They can be either internal or external factors. The physical attribute varies on the stamina, strength, endurance and other factors.

An athlete should be aware of the factors that are likely to affect how they perform. The following are some of the factors that may influence the performance of an athlete.

Nutrition of the Athlete

Eating the right food is important because it helps to build muscles. Food such as proteins helps in building your muscles while carbohydrates and fat fuel your performance.

Joanna Harper runs through the wooded trails of Mt. Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon. Harper’s work at the intersection of science and gender studies is informing whether transgender individuals can equitably compete with other male and female athletes June 16, 2018 Beth Nakamura

Water is also needed in the body to increase the effectiveness and avoid cramping when performing. The body of an athlete should stay hydrated due to sweating during the performance.

Previous Training

Athletes require a lot of training prior. Training brings experience and the endurance levels are increased. Training gives the athlete courage and confidence when they are performing.

They have the game plan in their mind and are ready for what they have already experienced previously.


The physicality of an athlete is a great determinant on how they can perform. As athletes age, the performance reduces with age. A teenager can’t perform the same with someone who is in their 50s. Additionally, you can listen to your body and be aware of the possible risks as you get older. Although work out can be tougher, you can reduce the pace as age progresses.



The ability to stretch your muscles can help you perform more. The speed and power will make you more comfortable. Someone who is physically fit is more flexible. You can be flexible by regularly stretching your body.

this article is another external factor that can affect your performance is an athlete.


The temperature of a place can affect your performance greatly. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can lead to poor performance. Mainly, if an athlete is not used to the temperatures, it can affect them a lot. When it is hot, the athlete can lose too much water in the body leading to dizziness.