Effects Of Marijuana Weight Loss

There is a theory that smoking marijuana makes you eat less hence losing more weight. Using marijuana is associated with weight loss, but it’s as simple as it sounds. The following are some of what we may know or not know about the relationship between marijuana and weight loss.

Does marijuana help in weight loss?

A research conducted in 2011 showed that the rate of obese was high on people who were not using marijuana compared to the ones using marijuana. Marijuana users have a lower BMI compared to those not using cannabis.

Reasons why marijuana may help in reducing weight loss


It increases mobility

When used, marijuana reduces pain and stiffness symptoms. marijuana weight loss is high on patients because they will be more active.

May cause some people to drink less

Marijuana users drink less alcohol than those who don’t use marijuana. This means that they are taking fewer calories from alcohol, which contributes to lower BMIs.

It can lower stress

Research has proven that people tend to eat more when they are stressed. Weed will ease anxiety and calm you down when stresses. This will reduce the amount of food you take while stressed.

It may improve sleep

Poor sleep encourages weight gain. Cannabis improves insomnia and also reduces pain and stress, the main reason for poor sleep.

It boosts metabolism


A high amount of cannabis increases metabolism and reduces the amount of energy stored, leading to a lower BMI. Marijuana interacts with the cannabinoid receptor, one that plays the main roles in food intake and metabolism.

Though there is some evidence that weed may help reduce weight, a lot of more research is needed to prove this. Also, smoking has more effects on the body than its advantages. You can use marijuana through nonsmoking methods to get all the weight loss benefits it offers.