Free lightroom presets for wedding photographers

If you want to add taste to your photography work, you need to include some free Lightroom presets for a wedding. You need to make every photo you take as beautiful as possible. To achieve this, you must apply all the knowledge and talent you have to create amazing images. Such is a tiresome task to handle for any photographer. As a result, you need some help which we recommend wedding lightroom presets. With these tools, editing turns out a simple task and minimizes the hours used in the process.

However, these wedding Lightroom presets are available in large numbers and therefore make it difficult to select the best. As a way to help, this article outlines a list of the best wedding lightroom presets that will make photographers’ work much simple.

1. The Sleeklens Starter Park

If you want the best results while editing your photos free lightroom presets by sleeklens will be a perfect choice. They offer more than 15 presets to execute changes in your photos without making them look unreal or unappealing.


Whether you want to add life, change colors, among other changes, it’ll be simple if you employ preset tools offered by Sleeklens. And with the high-quality results, you can get assured of the best customer reaction and expect back more referrals from the client.

2. Balance

Balance is among the most popular free wedding lightroom presets that photographers love for its coloring effect. It helps you attain great results as well as add deepness to the photos taken.

Using a single click, you can saturate images at once. You can always consider this preset for outdoor photos editing in adding colors and for great final results.

3. Pastel Cinematic

Black and white photography is the most appealing part of pictures. And this is what this free presentation is here to offer. Using the preset, you can create black and white images that are beautiful and all-time shining. Using black and white photos, you can tell of the deep secrets the picture hides.


And for such a reason, a lot of users continue to download this preset to enjoy more of its results. The Lightroom preset is also wonderful for wedding photo editing making them more popular. And with their high-quality services, you have nothing to fear.

4. Wedding Lightroom Preset Collection

If you are looking for a set of presets combine to offer high-quality services, Weeding Lightroom Preset is the best option.

Use it to edit all wedding or engagement photos, and it will give the best results if used on outdoor photos. And with its great HDR as well as Matte looks featuring vignetting, you will have final results as outstanding photos.

5. Calm Mist

If you’re looking forward to making natural looking images, the Calm Mist will be the answer for you. It hides the entire flaw, making sure that all shades, color, and tint look natural. Such a thing is not simple to achieve, but you can now use this free wedding photography preset. It’s simple to operate and is faster, and this is the reason for its popularity. Consider using it, and you won’t regret the final results.


Photography, especially with ideal events such as a wedding, is not a simple task. For you to make the most of your time, the above wedding photography presets will do a better job for you. Consider using them, and your works will be more appealing.