Can Clothes Be Made From Plastic

Plastic waste is associated with environmental pollution. However, there is someone who will see such floating plastic bottle in our oceans and see fashion and clothes that can trend in the world. Most people wonder can dresses be made from the plastic product, get more information on how plastic can be turned in to right clothes go to this web-site to learn more.

Step one

Once you are done with taking your beverage and dump off your bottle, the bottle is shredded to bits, during this process all the moisture is drained and also compressed to reduce volume.

Step two


The plastic wastes are sorted based on the color. Clear and colorless bottles are preferred as they can be dyed with any color. The plastic of the same color is packed together to produce a thread of uniform color.

Step three

After this, you make polyester, and the plastic products are torn into threads and fluffs, the process at this stage is almost similar to that of cotton processing to produce materials.

Benefits of recycling plastics to make clothes

The use and making of clothes from recycled plastic reduces the accumulation of waste products on the environment, hence reducing the accumulation of environmental pollution that ends up destroying the ozone layer.The clothing that is made from petroleum products are good as they can be recycled, again and again, hence there is no one time that it will be completely waste to the environment.


Recycling plastic products is a cheap method of producing dirty and fashion clothes, which are affordable and can last longer and also maintain their original color.

Recycling plastic products to make clothes has contributed to the development of industries that recycle the product hence contributing to advancement in science and technology.For people who have never imagined of a plastic product being recycled to become a cloth should understand that plastic bottles make clothes.