What Is Considered Short Game In Golf?

Golf is one of the games that many people are just getting to understand. There are many terms that people do not understand. Some people are interested in playing the game but fail to follow the general rules. By just looking at the action, it appears like an easy game to play but once you get started you notice there is a lot to follow. What people do not know is that just like any other game, it has rules that must be followed by golfers. One of the most common terms used in this game is short game.

It refers to all the shorts made within 100 yards. Good golfers are those that have perfected their short game. There are tips that one must master to improve their short game in golf.

Learn how to take the best chip shots

The grip of a golfer determines the level of precision they will have. Chip shots require precision, unlike the long shots that are aimed at reaching the green region. Shots within the green are aimed at a point and for this reason; one should use soft hands to be more precise.


The more accurate a person is, the lesser the shots they will take to reach the hole. Pros who have mastered their short game can use less than ten shorts to enter the hole. Having soft grip eases the tension of the wrists making it easy to make precise shots.

Ensure you get the right tempo

As long as speed is necessary when taking a shot, it is important to go slow when you hit the green. Making the golf swing in the green requires that you soften your hands, have a soft grip on the club and control your breath.

Taking a deep breath expels any doubts and uncertainties that might result in poor shots. The tempo with which you take shots in the green determines the precision of the shots.

Put more emphasis on the left arm

The left arm is very vital when taking shots that are 100 yards or less to the hole. It is most important when chipping and pitching. The left arm provides direction when one is taking such shots. In short game, the most important thing that one needs to aim is the direction of the hole. To make good shots, you have to let the left arm lead the path the ball will take.

Make use of the bounce made by the ball

There is a natural bounce made by the ball when you take a shot. You can quickly get close to the target by taking advantage of the bounce made by the ball as it approaches the green. When doing this, you have to avoid getting the club stuck in the grass.


In general, the short game determines the level of skills that one has in the game. For the long game, a lot of precision is not mandatory, and most people make good ones. When it comes to the short game, one must continuously train to be a pro. By practicing frequently, you can come up with other tips to get the ball into the hole faster than other pros are doing it.