Best Exercises For Abs

We all know what the best exercises for abs look like. We’ve all probably seen them, or at least have an idea of what they look like. And while there are many variations on that theme, you’re still left trying to figure out how exactly to do them and how to do them right. Fair enough. So on that note, get to your ultimate guide to all the latest moves on the market to sculpt your abs, pulled straight into one simple location for your viewing pleasure.

Ab exercises for rock climbers

At the top of the list are the ab exercises for rock climbers. Now, to be fair, this is a bit of an exaggeration. It’s not uncommon to see the occasional rock climber doing crunches and sit-ups and other ab exercises. But, to make a point, we’re not talking about those guys; we’re talking ab machines. Rock climbers use equipment to strengthen their core muscles.

The core muscles make up most of the abdominals. That’s where your legs and back meet. You’ve probably heard that your abs are made up of three muscles: rectus abdominis, external obliques, and internal obliques. These muscles work in conjunction to stabilize your spine and provide support for your body. Now, there’s some interesting terminology here: Your spinal erectors are actually only one part of a three-part core.

Abs support your lower back

Your abs also support your lower back, your pelvis, and other internal organs. If you didn’t already know, maintaining good posture, keeping your back straight (and upright), and using proper breathing habits are among the best ab exercises you can do. These simple techniques can help you lose a significant amount of body fat. In fact, when you get to that point where you’re close to your goal line, you can’t help but notice how much easier it is to keep yourself motivated by keeping, “Abs rock” look!

woman with strong abs exercising

Perform them on an exercise ball

To do these abs exercises correctly, you need to perform them on an exercise ball. Some people make the mistake of doing their abs workouts on the floor. In my experience, this is almost never a good idea! The reason I say this is because the floor presents more resistance and requires more effort to perform difficult movements. If you perform your workouts on the ground, you increase the risk of hurting your knees, ankles, and/or shoulders. And, even if you don’t injure yourself, the floor presents so many other opportunities for you to slip, fall, or have a muscle pulled when you land on an improperly executed exercise ball workout.

Another important factor to remember is to maintain proper body fat levels during your abs workouts, and fat burners can help you with that. This is a very important factor that most people overlook and it will directly affect how effective your workouts are. Body fat levels will dictate your metabolism and overall energy levels throughout the day. When you’re attempting to lose weight and burn stomach fat, you definitely don’t want to expend so much energy that you fail to reach your goal. Therefore, you might want to consider having a metabolic monitoring device to determine your optimal target level of calories (and exercise intensity) throughout the day.

Lie flat on your back. Place a hand behind your head and then extend one arm across your chest. Lift your opposite arm over your head and hold that arm out in front of you. Lift your upper body up off the floor by curling your torso up toward your shoulders. Then, lower your body back down to the starting position slowly. Repeat this exercise (arms on the floor) thirty times.

In conclusion

I’ve given you some simple exercises for abs that you can start using today to help decrease your abdominal pain. However, as you continue to work towards losing that unwanted belly fat, you must make sure you have an active lifestyle. I highly recommend the plank exercise described above. It’s very low impact and not at all expensive. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic core builder as well!