10 Photography Magazines You Should Subscribe To

Whether it’s a hard-copy print or an e-zine, magazines are an amazing resource for photographers and art lovers everywhere. From fine art to travel photos, documentaries to weddings, there is something for everyone.

Through online photo magazines, you can find inspiration, reviews on equipment, or techniques to hone your skills. Some offer in-depth interviews with established photographers, other offer contests with a chance of publication. No matter the reason, you can find a periodical to suit your need.


doc! Photo Magazine

This monthly periodical views photography as a universal communication platform. Created for photography lovers around the world, doc! utilizes both seasoned professionals and beginning artists looking for their debut.


With a readership base of over 150,000, this magazine is a must-have for lovers of contemporary documentary photography.


While covering controversial and diverse topics such as forced migration, the Syrian war, and gender neutrality, Zeke offers stunning photographs that touch on global issues.

Sponsored by the Social Documentary Network, this magazine offers both print and digital copies bi-annually.



Created in 2007 by Karl Blanchet, Lunatic promotes original stories and images. Featuring new work from emerging and established artists alike, this bi-annual publication offers creative contemporary masterpieces alongside original stories from their creators.

1000 Words Photography

As the leading online contemporary magazine, 1000 Words covers photo book reviews, interviews, and exhibitions. Dedicated to stimulating debate and exploring the possibilities for the medium, they attract over 140,000 visitors in over 120 countries to their website each month.

few magazine on table


Nominated in both 2014 and 2016 for Photography Magazine of the Year at the Lucie Awards, 1000 Words released their 10-year anniversary print in October 2018.

Emerging Artists


Originating as a spin-off from the blog “Road Trips”, this magazine is geared towards emerging photographers. Editor David Alan Harvey has set the goal to keep Burn constantly evolving and revolutionizing. New stories and photographs are posted twice weekly.

F-Stop Magazine

Group exhibitions, book reviews, featured artists, and interviews make F-Stop magazine ideal for emerging and established photographers alike. In an attempt to unify photographers and open the floor for dialogues, each bi-monthly issue is themed.

General Interest

Precise Moment

Precise Moment is a weekly online publication that focuses on the stories behind the photographers and their photographs. They cover trends, emerging artists and masters of the trade. Featuring articles covering an array of topics, such as the philosophy behind photography, tips on shooting locations, and reviews on camera equipment, Precise Moment is a wonderful examination of the photography process.


One of Italy’s top photography magazines, Positive showcases viewpoints from all over the globe, fashion, interviews and more.

Digital Photo Mag

Digital Photo Mag is the go-to for how-to resources. From equipment reviews to new techniques, you can access a plethora of information from this magazine.


With contests, a tip of the week column, and a stand-alone blog, DPM is the ideal place for beginning photographers to learn the basics.

Nature Photographers

One of the leading nature and outdoor e-magazines, Nature Photographers features breathtaking scenes of the world around us. With articles on equipment and field techniques, historical information and how-to’s, this tri-annual magazine is perfect for nature enthusiasts and photographers.