5 Scandinavian Life Philosophies That Can Make You Happier

By most reports, Scandinavia is among the happiest places on Earth. The yearly World Happiness Report regularly raises the Nordic countries of Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark among the best 10 happiest countries, which specialists credit to their powerful social support, both neighbors and through government applications.

In this way, maybe learning a couple of native customs can provide us a lesson on the way best to be present for our fellow people. Listed below are five lifestyle tips from Nordic states which may turn you into a bit happier on your life.

1. Hygge


The Danish Notion of hygge translates into something like “coziness of this soul” As a lifetime philosophy, it is about letting yourself guilt-free indulgences, particularly when the planet is dim and dull. visit the website to learn more.

2. Lagom

Lagom is a Swedish term that roughly equates to that is what lagom is about. Whether that is just how much sugar to grow a batch of cookies or a lot of your daily life you dedicate to your own work, this doctrine recommends a nutritious equilibrium that does not swing too far in any way.

3. Sisu

If the other characteristics on this listing are all about taking time to delight in life, sisu is sort of the reverse: It is all about persisting through challenges till you arrive at the end.

“Sisu is a distinctive Finnish idea,” Finlandia University writes about its site. “This is a Finnish expression which will be approximately translated into English as power of will, dedication, perseverance, and behaving logically in the face of hardship”

4. Fika


Fika is just another term for coffee break — it had been called by placing the syllables at “kaffe,” that the Swedish term for java. Nonetheless, it’s considerably more than the usual coffee break. It is all about retreating from the pressures of the evening by communicating with the folks around you, something that you would ideally perform several times every day.

In fact, but the Swedish heritage of fika appears to be skewed as younger individuals work more hours and require less time to get fractures.

5. Lykke

The term “lykke” is straightforward enough: It is the Danish term for “pleasure” however, in these World Happiness Report positions we Mentioned, Denmark regularly positions at the very best, so there is a lesson to be learned from the Danish model of pleasure. In his novel “The Tiny Book Classes: togetherness, cash, health, liberty, confidence, and kindness.